Apple-Cinna-Bannana-Hemp Smoothie: Healthy AF

This power packed smoothie is equal parts filling, nutritious and delicious. Enjoy!


  • 1 apple
  • 2 bannanas
  • 3-ish tbsp hemp protein powder*
  • A few scoops of plain Greek yogurt**
  • Coupla' dashes of cinnamon
  • A little ice
  • Some coconut milk (enough to liquefy)
  • Creativity: smoothies are an art, not a science. This list is a guideline, not a rulebook. Create!


  • Blend!
  • Have literally so much fun that you cannot even
  • Savor
  • Share
  • Do yoga

*Hemp protein powder is plant-based, minimally processed and loaded with protein and fiber. It's a sweet, smooth and light powder that blends wonderfully with many fruits and veggies. I recommend Nutiva brand, which is USDA certified organic. To reduce waste and save $$$ buy it in bulk. Check it out on Amazon

**For whatever reason Fage has way more protein than most other brands of Greek yogurt. And unlike Chobani, it's not sourced from cows pumped with hormones. Skip the single servings and buy it in the big tubs at Costco or most major grocery stores.