Link: Don't Hide Your Heart

In writing, I can balance an act of service for others with my own requirements for self-sustainability. In the act of the writing, I make sense of my own world. In the act of sharing my writing, I share my own vulnerabilities, the questions I struggle with, and my many misadventures, giving permission to my readers to embrace their own authentic selves.

Great piece from Marieke at Howling Wolf Yoga, who recently introduced me to her content after reading my blog post "Why I quit: Confessions of an Authentically Fake Yoga Teacher." 

Marieke is among several other yoga writers who have found that teaching yoga through the written word is not only a formidable teaching platform but also a form of yoga in itself. Yoga means to connect. If writing helps you connect with your audience, and connect with yourself, go for it! I am all for this approach. Write, read, share, continue the conversation, and move our collective consciousness forward. Bless up and thanks, Marieke!

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