Yoga Industry Documentary Kickstarter and Interview Announcement

I am honored to be invited as an interviewee for the documentary "The Yoga Industry."

This documentary will discuss the values of the now billion-dollar yoga industry that is fueled by the lack of standards and accountability for yoga teachers and studios. The film will explore the ideas and values of the so-called yoga industry we see today and question the direction and sanctity of what yoga may become tomorrow. 

Yoga has been redefined by marketing companies, social media platforms and the fitness industry without any understanding of what gives yoga its definition. The commercialism of yoga has edited away parts of its fundamental elements to become more financially profitable, at the expense yoga's intention and its many limbs. In our efforts to protect the integrity of yoga, there needs to be a difficult but important discussion about the negative effects of the industry. 

This documentary will bring to the light these issues and create a conversation about what is happening. Most importantly it will reveal an alternative to this mainstream yoga industry: A yoga that still exists offline, one that is not about clothing, the latest equipment, Instagram marketing, yoga tutorials or yoga diets. This is about going back to yoga’s roots and having a wider understanding of yoga and its many lineages. Consequently, through conversation, we can inspire change for future generations. 

The film needs your help to move into production. If you think yoga has lost its soul and needs to return its core values then consider supporting the project's Kickstarter campaign.

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