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Fall Equinox Workshop and Flow

Journey inwards and celebrate the shift of the seasons with a dharma-infused slow flow ripe with balancing asanas. Local musician Al Smith (Fractal Axel) will be joining Davis to supplement the workshop with his smooth melodic guitar and ephemeral soundscapes. The duo will leave space for improvisation to create a one-of-a-kind amorphous experience on the mat.

The Fall Equinox is the balancing point between the Summer and Winter Solstices — it marks the end of the growth cycle of the year and the beginning of a more dormant, composting time.

The nearly equal split of day and night brings an opportunity to reflect upon what areas of our own lives might be out of balance, and can be used as a reminder to cultivate balance on every level of self.

This 90-minute soulful practice will encourage students to journey inwards as they embrace the change in the seasons as well as the changes in their own lives.

Cost: $20 Early Registration (Sept. 1)
         $25 Late Registration

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