ClassPass Most Moving Instructors of the Year, 2016

He takes you out of asana and into the mind. He gets you to a place where you begin to practice magic within. - Hillary

He’s truly a wonderful instructor who brings a great balance of attention to the physical and mental benefits of yoga, and his classes always leave me feeling satisfyingly exhausted as well as mentally re-centered. - Reena

Davis has changed my life spiritually. He has brought new meaning to my drishti and shown me the direction to my inner peace.  In addition, he has helped me to drastically reduce and soothe pain in some serious problem areas of my body. He has taught me to treat my body with mercy and give it the mental attention and care it deserves. – Alexi S.

Direct Submissions

Davis is a wonderful teacher, his classes are always very inspired and authentic, and his hands-on-assist are very just amazing. - Amy
Great at talking you through the poses, you get a really good idea of how you should be and feel in each pose. - Hannah Furrey

MindBody Reviews

Awesome music and creative balance sequences. Somehow always leave Davis’ classes both energized and relaxed. - Laura B.
Davis’ class was great! He has a lovely spirit and his class was challenging and fun at the same time. His music is also awesome :) – Julie H.

ClassPass Reviews

It almost makes me nervous giving Davis a glowing review because it will cause more people to try to pack into his already full classes. But he deserves it. Arguably the best yoga instructor in the district. And I'm a yoga instructor myself.
Amazing! Davis is a great teacher. His classes are really creative and always paired with an excellent playlist. Davis has a laid back approach that makes it easy for students to explore yoga. Expect to sweat, learn, have fun, and come back! This class is a must.
Davis is very creative with poses and sequences, which makes his class refreshing. He encourages both restorative and explorative practice with his "choose your own adventure" mindset. Very cool.
Davis was a really good, authentic yoga instructor, and struck a good balance of physical exercise with spiritual encouragement.
Davis has such great energy. I feel like a brand new person after his class!
This class was awesome. Davis was very attentive and the poses flowed well!
Such a great instructor! Definitely want to go back.

Davis was excellent and the pace of session was great.
Instructor was great.
Took a community class with Davis and had a really nice flow. Sequence was challenging, atmosphere warm and non pretentious, and instructor was receptive to all levels and practices.
Excellent Yoga Class. Top Notch Instructor.
So relaxing and rejuvenating. Very calming environment.
Davis is the best... Loved the Lion King!
Davis was great! 
Fantastic instructor. Very mindful and impactful hands-on adjustments. Highly recommend.
Unique Vinyasa class, with different spiritual focus each time. Highly recommend.
Love this class! Davis was great!

Not really intermediate vinyasa, more like slow flow/restorative. Seems like a good teacher but an inaccurate class description.
Great class! A little advance for my level, but awesome nevertheless.
Best way to start Saturdays! 
My fave class at the studio! Challenging but so relaxing.
Instructor was so nice! I wish this studio had mirrors, but that's just what I'm used to having during other hot yoga classes. Got a great workout.
I liked Davis A LOT. 
Davis is an incredible instructor. Best yoga class of my life!
Love this class. Very centering.
Too packed! The instructor was great, so I think it’s really a shame to try to fit in too many people. 
Terrific class with an internal (meditation, concentration) and external (postures and sweating!) approach to yoga. Perfect balance. 
This was my first time here and the instructor is amazing. Very welcome and great at helping with adjustments! Can’t wait to go back. 
Awesome flow! 
Love Davis' class! I always leave feeling very centered.

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